Quayside Inventory Solutions Ltd

Disclaimer and Guidelines

This inventory report has been prepared by Quayside Inventory Solutions Ltd and provides a fair and accurate record of the condition of the property and its contents at the time the inventory was prepared. It is the responsibility of the tenant, landlord and/or agent to agree between themselves the accuracy of this report.

Any amendments/additions to the report must be notified to Agent/Landlord within 7 days of the report compilation.

The inventory clerk preparing this report is not an expert in textiles, woods, materials or antiques etc. Nor is the inventory clerk a qualified surveyor. The inventory should not be used as an accurate description of each and every piece of furniture and equipment nor as a structural survey report.

All items are considered to be in good condition, clean and free of damage unless otherwise stated in the Schedule of Condition. The tenant has an obligation to leave the property as found with fair wear and tear accepted.

At the end of the tenancy, the inventory report is fully checked, and any significant discrepancies will be reported to the Instructing Principal. This report will indicate whether, in our opinion, there is any liability to the Tenant, or where such dilapidation might be considered as fair wear and tear.

Property left in lofts, cellars and locked rooms, which have not been seen and recorded, are the sole responsibility of the Landlord.

The Fire and Safety Regulation regarding furnishing, gas, electrical and similar services are ultimately the responsibility of the instructing principal. Where the inventory notes “FFR label seen”, this should not be interpreted to mean the item complies with the “Furniture and Furnishings (Fire) (Safety) (Amendments) 1993”. It is a record that the item had a label as described or similar to that detailed in the “Guide” published by the Department of Trade & Industry, January 1997 (or subsequent date), attached at the time the inventory was compiled. It is not a statement that the item can be considered to comply with the regulations

Meter readings may only be taken if the meters are easily accessible. In any event, the relevant utility company should check meter readings.


Safety Disclaimer

All electrical items are considered to be complete with plugs, bulbs and flexes etc., unless otherwise specified. Electrical and gas appliances will not be tested as part of the inventory. Tenants are advised to test all appliances as soon as possible and report any faults to the Landlord / Managing Agent.

It is the responsibility of the tenant to inspect any smoke detector fitted in the property at regular intervals to ensure they are working correctly.

Sample Report

Please click on the link Sample Report to view